As LED lights have emerged as an efficient lighting solution, Facilities Energy Management has partnered with Buildings and Grounds Maintenance and other groups across campus to implement lighting retrofit projects in various indoor locations. The new LED systems last longer and consume less energy than the original lighting, reducing both energy costs and labor demands for the campus.

  • The Stanford Community Recreation Association obtained new LED light fixtures at minimal cost thanks to a generous rebate from Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The project retrofitted fluorescent troffers in the administrative office, community room, and fitness center with LED light panels. The new panels give a modern look to the spaces and should maintain their brightness for 50,000 hours of use.
  • Lokey Lab piloted three brands of linear LED lamps as sustainable alternatives to the 4-foot fluorescent tubes commonly found in rectangular ceiling fixtures. The best product was chosen based on both facility and occupant feedback and will be installed throughout the campus over the next five years.
  • Jordan Hall retrofitted overhead fluorescent lights with LED lamps throughout the 90,000-square-foot building. The new technology offers better lighting quality, no UV radiation, and nonhazardous tube disposal.
  • Looking ahead, Cantor Arts Center is piloting LED spotlights in one of its small galleries. If successful, the museum plans to retrofit all 1,000 of its track lighting bulbs with the LED technology.

In total, the projects will save an estimated $50,000 in annual energy costs and 425,500 kWh/year.