Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) expanded its commitment to helping the community by donating extra food to three local programs in East Palo Alto. R&DE first focuses on reducing food waste in the kitchens through staff training and a digital waste-weighing system, but inevitably there are small amounts of surplus food that can be donated. In addition, R&DE donates food when the dining halls shut down or when catering events get canceled at the last minute. The food is donated to three programs in East Palo Alto: the Ecumenical Hunger Program, a weekly dinner at St. Francis of Assisi Church, and Live in Peace’s high school tutoring program. In addition, food is donated to churches and low-income-housing residents in Palo Alto through Peninsula Food Runners. This year, R&DE also partnered with a freshman to collect food from student dorms at the end of the year for donation, and Russo Café partnered with student group SPOON to donate extra food as well. Food waste continues to be a priority for a number of groups on campus, and R&DE continually seeks new opportunities for partnerships to help minimize that waste.