In response to the popularity and effectiveness of the weather-based (smart) irrigation controllers tested in a pilot study, the Water Efficiency (WE) group expanded the pilot to new audiences. The study targeted the largest water users living in Stanford Campus Residential Leaseholders homes. The 19 participants in the first phase saved an average of 30% compared to the 2013 benchmark, 50% more than single-family homes that did not participate in the study.

To participate in the second phase, participants were required to schedule a free landscape irrigation survey with WE staff, attend a smart controller information session, have a working irrigation system in place, and purchase a smart controller.

The smart controller used for the pilot updates automatically every day based on local evapotranspiration and rainfall values better manage irrigation. It features an easy-to-use dashboard that is accessible via the Internet and a step-by-step setup wizard to help program each irrigation zone.