More than 700 guests, 65 volunteers, and 30 campus groups came together to once again celebrate the thriving culture of sustainability at Stanford during the annual Earth Day festival known as Celebrating Sustainability, hosted by Office of Sustainability. This year, the festival took place at the new Central Energy Facility (CEF), the cornerstone of the Stanford Energy System Innovations project, which transformed the university’s energy system from one solely reliant on fossil fuels to an innovative heat recovery system powered by electricity, with a robust renewable component. Celebrating Sustainability offered the first opportunity for the community to see and experience the CEF during a tour, and activities were centered along the promenade in front of the facility, which highlights the heat recovery chillers through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Academic, operational, and student groups all showcased their work and invited attendees to engage with their programs through interactive games and activities, across topics including energy, water, food, waste, green living, and transportation. The Stanford Marching Band stopped by to keep the party lively, and sustainability partners in Residential & Dining Enterprises served a locally sourced lunch for guests.