Students for a Sustainable Stanford hosted a sustainable transportation speaker panel on May 26 in support of the El Camino Real Bus Rapid Transit program being proposed by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). The program aims to renovate El Camino Real, a local commuter route, with dedicated bus lanes to reduce transit times between San Jose and Palo Alto by more than 40%. With more than half of Stanford employees using sustainable transportation to commute to campus, the El Camino Real Bus Rapid Transit program stands to have a significant impact on the campus community. Speakers Deland Chan of Stanford’s Urban Studies program, Chris Lepe of Transform, and John Ristow of the VTA discussed the environmental, economic, and social impacts of the potential upgrades. Given that the project is still under consideration by local cities and the VTA, this event presented the opportunity for the Stanford community to weigh in on the tangible outcomes that might develop and encouraged more direct interaction between students and local decision makers.