Students for a Sustainable Stanford (SSS) 2016 co-president Andrew Jacobs received the Silicon Valley Water Conservation Award for the water conservation leadership he exhibited during his four years at Stanford. The award specifically cited projects that Jacobs spearheaded, each of which was supported by the Office of Sustainability through its former Green Fund Grant Program.

In 2012, Jacobs and fellow SSS members developed the Stanford Water App smartphone application to support increased reporting of leaks on campus. The app allowed students to report broken sprinklers, leaky showers, running toilets, and other leaks across campus from their smartphones.

In 2013, Jacobs led three projects aimed at reducing water use on campus. First, he completed a long-running initiative to install a solar-powered water catchment system at Synergy House to irrigate the residence’s extensive gardens. Second, Jacobs led continued efforts to install a water bottle filling station in the Old Union building, which had no sources for drinking water at the time. Finally, Jacobs and fellow SSS members successfully piloted an aqueous-ozone green cleaning product in the residence halls, a program that Residential & Dining Enterprises plans to adopt at all residence halls.

Jacobs and other award recipients were recognized for their efforts at an awards ceremony on March 23.

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