Stanford takes a portion of its food-rich compost to the Sustainable Organic Solutions (SOS) facility to be processed into a high-quality and nutrient-rich product that can be used as a key ingredient in non-ruminant animal feed. Campus community members were invited for an exclusive tour of the facility as part of Sustainable Stanford’s RecycleMania campaign.

Attendees got a firsthand look at SOS’s patented method for transforming 90% of compostable materials into reusable feed, oil, and fats. Different from composting, this food-to-feed process maintains the valuable nutrients in the uneaten or inedible portion of food to produce the resulting animal feed. Clean water, another byproduct of the process, can be reused to irrigate collection trucks.

This new partnership between SOS and Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc., Stanford’s waste management vendor, is one of numerous efforts Stanford is making to reach the statewide goal of 75% waste diversion by 2020.

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