Over the summer, participants in the My Cardinal Green pilot program were recognized for their sustainable practices. The new program is aimed at fostering the culture of sustainability while reducing the environmental impact of living and working on campus.

Offered by the Office of Sustainability, My Cardinal Green provides personalized recommendations of actions that individuals can perform to help them be more environmentally sustainable. Because each person has a unique lifestyle and role on campus, the program begins with a survey to generate suggested actions that would be most relevant for that person. Users receive points for each action that they successfully complete and, after earning six points, can receive a reward for their efforts. Like the popular BeWell program, this reward allows the university to recognize the valuable contributions each individual makes to the overall vitality of the campus.

Real-time metrics showcase user progress at both the individual and the collective level. Users can view the calculated resource savings of each suggested action on their list, and the cumulative impact of My Cardinal Green users is displayed on a personal dashboard where participants track their progress.

At the end of the pilot period, the Office of Sustainability will seek feedback from participants to enhance the platform prior to a full campus rollout.